GreenCell comes from natural fibers processed through a proprietary method and dissolved in a specially formulated solution. Up to the final weaving and finished product there is zero waste to harm the environment. Combining the best properties of natural and synthetic fibers it is strong and supple, elastic, silky soft, breathable and overall has a real natural feeling.

The GreenCell logo blends the concept of strength and gentleness. The strong branch and the soft, delicate filament perfectly present our high quality products, which feature a silky texture.

  • Environmental friendly (Biodegradable)
  • Silk-Like (Shining and Drape)
  • Moisture Transport (Cool Feeling)
  • Hygienic (Low Bacteria)
  • Anti-Static (Max. 60~70% Water Retention)
  • Low Pilling

GreenCell® is made from natural raw materials with the environmentally friendly manufacturing process, resulting in zero-pollution to the air, soil, and water.  The finished products made from GreenCell cellulose are fully biodegradable and eliminate environmental impact.

Excellent Features
Combining the cellulose fiber's natural benefits with synthetic fiber's functional superiorities.
Compared to traditional cellulose fibers, GreenCell® has twice the dry strength and three times the wet strength.
GreenCell® fabrics have the lowest wash shrinkage among all cellulose fabrics, it can be truly launderable.