• environmental friendly (Biodegradable)
  • Silk-like (Shining and Drape)
  • Moisture transport (Cool feeling)
  • Hygienic (Low bacteria)
  • Anti-static (Max. 60~70% water retention)
  • Low pilling

Environmental friendly
The most outstanding distinguished feature of GreenCell® fiber is its pollution-free manufacturing process.
The clean origin-process-recovery-disposal life-cycle enables it as one of the most environmental friendly fiber in the world.

Great features
GreenCell® are advanced in combining the cellulose fiber’s natural benefits with synthetic fiber’s functional superiorities.
GreenCell® dry tenacity is double, wet tenacity is triple that of common viscose rayon yarn and approaches that of polyester.
GreenCell® fabric have the lowest wash shrinkage among all cellulose fabrics, it can be truly launderable.