GreenCell is made of natural raw materials, zero-waste pollution to the environment, combining the advantages of natural and synthetic fibers, tough, cool, soft, breathable and silk feeling.

The brand combined rigid and soft concept. The design adopted tree and silk which reveal the high quality fabric.

  • environmental friendly (Biodegradable)
  • Silk-like (Shining and Drape)
  • Moisture transport (Cool feeling)
  • Hygienic (Low bacteria)
  • Anti-static (Max. 60~70% water retention)
  • Low pilling

Environmental friendly
The most outstanding distinguished feature of GreenCell® fiber is its pollution-free manufacturing process.
The clean origin-process-recovery-disposal life-cycle enables it as one of the most environmental friendly fiber in the world.

Great features
GreenCell® are advanced in combining the cellulose fiber’s natural benefits with synthetic fiber’s functional superiorities.
GreenCell® dry tenacity is double, wet tenacity is triple that of common viscose rayon yarn and approaches that of polyester.
GreenCell® fabric have the lowest wash shrinkage among all cellulose fabrics, it can be truly launderable.