Features of GreenCell :

It has the high strength and wrinkle resistanceof synthetic fibers, and at the same time has the high moisture absorption and affinity of cellulose fibers, and has silk-like luster. The smooth fabric surface has high reflectivity and absorbs less radiant heat energy. It is suitable for summer clothing fabrics with a smooth outer surface and has better cooling and comfort.

Raw material selection :

  • Properly managed farming forests and other controlled sources
  • Cellulose raw material with FSC™ certification
  • Not cause environmental impact

Manufacturing :

  • The cellulose is directly dissolved in a non-toxic solvent for spinning
  • Recycling and reuse of solvent extracted with water
  • Reduce the impact of chemicals on the environment

Performance :

  • Good air permeability and perspiration, can quickly absorb sweat on human skin, and restore body temperature to a normal state
  • The pH value is not irritating to the skin, and has a strong affinity for the skin, which meets the needs of human health
  • Antistatic, no free charge, reduce the irritation of clothes to the human body

Biodegradable :

  • Naturally
  • Product is compostable
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