We have the world's leading solvent-based long-fiber fiber mass production method, and cultivated an excellent production team based on this leading technology, and continue to optimize and improve continuously, improve product quality and yield, and continue to pursue the improvement of solvent recovery rate. , Provide high-quality environmentally friendly materials with the most environmentally friendly production methods.


Our excellent production team improves the environmental protection of the process under continuous optimization

Solvent recovery rate:

The most important thing in the solvent method is the treatment of solvents. Through our recycling and regeneration process, we can achieve the environmental protection result of solvent reuse.


Waste-reducing production:

optimizing the manufacturing process, reducing the demand for wastewater treatment


Continuous improvement projectEnergy-saving production:

reduce steam consumption in the process and reduce water consumption in the process, Tests for the introduction of recycled cotton, and tests for increasing the proportion of recycled cotton