Purchasing policy :

We hope that any raw materials we purchase will not affect the sustainable development of the earth's forests. Therefore, in the supplier evaluation, the supplier's wood source will be listed as the focus of the score, based on including but not limited to Canopy Forest Mapper, joining FSC™, continue to increase the proportion of recycled raw materials added, our policy is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The scope of our responsible procurement includes :

supplier safety and environment, legal compliance, ethics, human rights and fair wages related risk management. We hope that our supplier partners will move towards the goal of sustainable development together.

We are committed to procuring pulp from sustainable sources and adding recycled raw materials. Therefore, suppliers are prohibited from purchasing under the pulp raw material procurement regulations

Illegally harvested timber ,Wood from uncertified high conservation value forests, Timber harvested in ancient and endangered forests or habitats of endangered species, Timber harvested for tradition and civil rights

Supplier Code of Conduct :

Our Supplier Code of Conduct aims to have a positive impact on sustainable practices throughout the value chain. Suppliers should fully understand the requirements of this Supplier Code of Conduct.

human rights

EHS environment, health and safety

Laws and regulations

Business ethics

Pulp purchase FSC™ certificate, recycled cottonThe pulp we use for manufacturing is controlled wood and is certified by FSC™.

The pulp used in the manufacture of ACEGREEN comes from well-managed forests, recycled materials and other controlled sources, and has obtained FSC™ certification. In addition to the logging wood certification of the leading organization dedicated to forest management, we will also check the source of the purchased wood. In addition to ensuring that it comes from non-endangered or protected forests, we also continue to increase the addition of recycled materials. Use the above measures to ensure that our sustainable development practices start from the first stage of procurement.